Why measure heart rate on exercise?

Starting running or being an iron man with sharp muscles, the use of heart rate in training is paramount.

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Reminder: the MHR kesako?

The Maximum Heart Rate, or MHR for the intimate, is equivalent to the maximum number of heart beats per minute or BPM. Yes, that’s a lot of acronyms, and it’s not over, so keep focus!

So I summarise: 100% of MHR = maximum effort. That is what we must remember.

YOLO syndrome of the rider?

Runners are often subject to the “YOLO” syndrome.

You don’t know exactly what it is, but not knowing why you feel are concerned. I explain to you:

When you run like a crazy thinking about how you will gulp everything at your fingertips when you’re back home, while you have a weight loss goal. Or when you grit your teeth, straighten the chest and outstrip the guys in a short stride, to spit your lungs three meters away … Welcome ! You get the YOLO Syndrome of the runner.

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Don’t worry it’s could be handled… With the use of heart rate when training.

Your MHR and your training

Heart rate varies depending on the rider. According to the profile of the runner: its sex, its age, his degree of training, the number of m&m’s swallowed …

There’s a formula, that of Astrand and not that of As-Stan’s one (according to which to carry a cap would make you more powerful) which makes possible to have an approximation of its MHR:

If you are a woman: MHR = 226 – your age

If you are a man: MHR = 220 – your age

So, what do we do with this?

But what is the use of measuring his HR?

This serves to achieve specific objectives. Whether you’re trying to gain explosiveness, stamina or just getting back in shape or losing weight, tracking your HR is a great help.

For example, to improve its basic stamina, it is necessary to run to 75% of its MHR. Because the level of lactic acid in the body must remain low and it increases with the intensity of the effort. It is then necessary to run slowly but longer in this HR target.

Antoine will tell you about it, he performed on the semi of Boulogne while strolling.

The use of the heart rate monitor is also very useful for beginners who tend to give everything on the first few meters and crawl for the rest of the race. The HR target enables you to manage yourself after a first official race and or to simply train yourself by taking care of your body.

Similarly, it’s known that if one wishes to lose weight the HR target is ceiled at 65% because beyond, you no longer burns fat. Why ? Because if the effort is intense, the body will scrounge in the glycogen, the carbohydrates present in the muscles to consume fast energy and not in the fat stores. (Your pretty wrists of love.)

So, see the results: you will be exhausted, your fat stores will be intact and you will be frustrated, cursing the whole earth and your mother for having you coping genes that prevent you from losing weight.

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