The Kickstarter Adventure Begins Now

Last tuesday was held in Paris our great kickstarter launch party. The whole team was gathered there (Julien excepted the globe-runner, who’s running the campaign from the US) in order to cheer – drown ? – that with all those who support the Shapeheart adventure since its inception.


This evening was marked by the excitement of the launch, the quivering take-off of the contributors number and the positive energy of our ambassadors and loved ones !



Thanks again to all those who came to support Shapeheart and to discover the Shapeheart team. Including me, newest member, and Stan who definitely abandon being of event photographer, but who stays our happiness manager ! 6.000 photos, 3 of which net … no comment.


So this is the opportunity for me to explain a bit about the stakes of this new step for Shapeheart.



As we are a very nice and motivated young parisian start-up, but that good humor doesn’t finance the production of armbands, we launched our Kickstarter campaign.


What’s this ?


Kickstarter is an online financing platform, “crowdfunding”, which allows individuals, associations or companies to finance projects they believe in. You, I, Usain Bolt or the Beer League … We can all support the Shapeheart adventure by pre-ordering the armband.


Where is it ?


It is here and above all, it is now! ->


And yes, because this campaign is time-limited ! So take the time to think, but not too much, because the discounted armbands will sell like hotcakes. You are warned.

Why ?


Because you are really at the top of your game and you find that the armband is revolutionary, heart on you.


Because you’re already a runner, and you’ve been keeping an eye on shapeheart for a while now.


Because it’s an opportunity to get into sports and achieve your goals. Whatever they are, Shapeheart will help you achieve them.


Because you know a nice sportsman and you want to make him a nice gift.

PS 1: All runners are nice. All can be offered Shapeheart.

PS 2: It’s Christmas soon. No ? What do you mean ? For me, it’s always Christmas. Besides, you know the hassie of the last-minute rubbish gift. This year, you will spare yourself of going empty handed on December 23, and order the armband. Easy.



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