Road Show Diary, Part 3 !!

It is the third and last part of our Road Show which we reveal you here… Stopover in Marseille, Toulon & Lyon!!

Stage 6//Marseille

In order to set the context before our stay in Marseilles we just would like to say that we’ve already did 7 runs, crossed 74 km , eat more than 10  club sandwiches each, drunk almost 6 aperitifs  Yes I am subtly looking for  excuses, concerning my un-shape during the end of the Road Show!

Despite heavy legs we decided to do a WOD before the evening run that we planned with the Marseille Running Club. To be honest it was not the best idea we had … 25 degrees, 100 pull-ups and 200push-ups are not really useful before a run especially when you’re already done.

The time of the Run is coming with in guests Fanny (fannymesenvies) andClement (klem_thomas).

Personally  this run put a stop to the collaboration between myself and  my legs ! Moreover the Marseille Running club absolutely didn’t spare us by an interval training session !

I was nearly close to this stage of tiredness 😉


Just in once, we planned a Run the day after, the ninth of the series This time  it is Julie (mum_n_run) who guided us through the Borely Park ! Verdict : 6km !  Much too much i told myself   But finally it was almost good for me to evacuate all the lactic acid i accumulated since a week  !

Link towards the video of  Marseille :

Stage 7 //Toulon

The team arrived in Toulon Thursday at the evening , our Chuoby is still on top in spite of the 100 Kilometers before !


Those who see any  likeness between the two pictures, you need to see an optician as soon as possible or to provide yourself a Labrador!

Anyway ! 7Km on the sea front of Toulon are waiting for us !

Concerning our Run there is not much to say except that the runners who came to test the product were once again so much nice, and once again the run was amazing ! I was almost forgetting that our our cameraman CharlesHenri did a part of the run in a trolley, we’re getting more or less accustomed to his typical reactions during 10 days;)


Links towards the video of Toulon :

Stage  8 //Lyon

We started the ultimate stage of our stay by a run with Elise (elise_devoille) especially come to test the armband in a very famous running spot in Lyon, “Le parc de la tete d’OR”!

After this kind of  physical effort we needed to reload the batteriesAnd what is any better than an healthy & light meal ?

Reply: A maxi burger without any doubts !

It is Greg (gregonrdn) & Vincent (ptitboy93) who were our last companions of adventure. The last of a long and beautiful series of meeting which made of this Road Show a  great human adventure.


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