Road Show Diary, Part 2 !!

After Lille & Saint-Malo our adventure continues in Bordeaux.

Stage 4 // Bordeaux

Round 1: Run with Marion

Wake up Monday 8 PM, the weekend was fairly hard with an outing in Saint-Malo and a wedding for my part, however, we are ready to go running with our locale guide Marion (Maz. Run).
Let’s go for a 17-mile run in Bordeaux, except for Michael, who broke his finger playing football in Saint-Malo.
Just this once our run has been a bit modified, because of a closed the bridge. But as we are full of resources, we decided to improvise a shooting photo, just in front of the city of wine (which we only have seen from the outside, we promise … ).
And that’s from his moment that our photographer, chuoby shows his true face …
Is there still some Doubts?
So … The Cobraman had more than one card in his sleeve…  High-angle shot, low-angle shot, focal distance, exposure time, are not a secret for him anymore. In his defense, the rendering was very good, in spite of an atypical technique he is able to do great photographies.
Besides, in the second part of our run, we could discover more in detail the pretty city of Bordeaux, with stopovers in the emblematic places of Bordeaux ” Darwin “, ” les vivres de l’art” and the famous water mirror.

Round 2 : Run Afterwork

By proposing an After-work run in the purest spirit, I knew that we were exposed to a ratio of one runner for two people at the after… Spot on !!!
For the run, it was 7 miles around the docks.
For what’s left, it will stay in the privacy of the cloakroom 😉

Stage 5 // Toulouse

After a short night, Michael, Charles-Henri and myself, took the direction of  Toulouse. Weirdly, our cameraman needs more oxygen than usually during our way to Toulouse!
His journey into an image:
Arriving in Toulouse, we meet Fred aka fredrun31, for a run in the heart of the city.
Among the places crossed, the place of the “Capitol” of course, but also the “canal du midi” and the “quais des savoirs”!
Therefore, with 15,5 km more we left Toulouse in the direction of Marseille, where we knew that we were expected….
Here is the proof !!

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