Road Show Diary, Part 1 !!

After already almost a week of Road Show it’s time to make the first report of our journey.

Stage 1 // Lille

All begun the 24 in the morning, Michael, Charles Henri aka nick_runrun (our very special correspondent) and me left Paris for Lille.
From the first evening, the colour is shown, local beer, round slice & maroille… the beginning of a healthy week to make fade a nutritionist!

At first, the purpose of our voyage in Lille was the running, so we decided to meet local runners the following day.
On the program 2 as pretty spots one as the other (the park of Héron & La citadelle).

Link to the video:

For my part, it was the first time that I went to Lille, and beyond the two runs wich was really very pleasant. I will keep in memory the hospitality and the kindness of our two race partners, Mathilde “belleetsportive” and Sylvain “Snaily Sylvain”. Without forgetting the particularly great welcome that Alice and Eric reserved to us.

Few numbers concerning our way back to Saint-Malo:

  • 5 hours of happiness
  • 1 duster
  • 72 km cumulated
  • 8 club sandwiches
  • 3 packages of chips
  • 2 packages of biscuits

And I must confess a small moment of weakness, we are not superhuman ……

Stage 2 // Saint-Malo

At our arrival in Saint-Malo, we keep following our adage “discovery of the local food”.

The day after, in Saint-Malo first official race the 10KM of Saint-Malo. For the occasion, I decided to motivate one of my close friends, from Saint Malo to run sub 50 minutes.

Right, 32 degrees it is not really a time that we used to in our region. Our cameraman from Nancy is not really used to this too! The proof in an image (1 minute 47).
Verdict 51,47 minutes, a little more than we expected, but we keep our chin up!

For the evening, guess what !!! We planned a new run, so we took the same ones to run again … anyway the same ones… Except for Michael who discovered the meaning of the legendary hospitality of Breton people on the occasion of a football match improvised in the garden. Result = small toe HS.

Concerning the run, an image is better than thousand words, therefore we decided to show you that through a video.


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