Kipchoge x Nike x Marathon record

On May 6, Eliud Kipchoge broke all records by finishing a marathon in 2h00’25 ”.


Attaboy ! Difficult not to appreciate the performance.

But if we can think that all is said in the chrono, some remain measured toward the feat. Demo :


First, this marathon would have nothing left of a marathon, except the distance.


Indeed, the kenyan was running in the well-marketed framework of the Breaking2 project, organized by Nike. The comma mark had provided for a hand-stitched, ultra-mediated race, on which the athlete had to descend below the mythical bar of 2h.


For the occasion Nike had designed the “Zoom Vapor Fly Elite”, with a curved carbon outsole that projected the runner forward and impelled a so-called yield of 4% higher. In short, everything is in their name : zoom, vapor, flight and elite. We don’t understand everything, but it sounds good.



The Rio Olympic champion, aka Kip-chyborg, enjoyed 17 laps of the Formula 1 circuit in Monza, Italy. (I hoped that he had the right to eat typical pasta before the race). If he had no engines in his feet, he was carried by 18 hares and had supplies brought directly by a super nice biker. In two days this guy will become UberEats mascot and this is where you will have read it first. #excluShapeheart


On May 6, the most exciting 2 hours in the world of running was held. Kipchoge sprang up, dozens of cameras steered on his legs on fire, to beat Dennis Kimetto 2m57s and his own personal record of 3m05s, set in London in 2016.

Nike // Breaking2

Posted by Nike on Freitag, 5. Mai 2017

As a result, Kipchoge grazed for running less than two hours a marathon. But as he’s a clever guy, he’s just sparing the suspense. He realized that such an event pays cash (and a new pair of pumps) and he simply said that “Kipchoge x Nike” would sound good next year.


He has already booked Monaco for the F1 circuit. He was offered Le Mans, but the place was less successful, who knows why. In fact, he allowed himself a margin of 25s. Neat.

The performances of his two acolytes are highlighted: Zersenay Tadese in 2h06’51” and Lelisa Delisa in 2h14’10”. Come on, campari for everyone. Maybe next year it will be rillettes so enjoy !


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