Kickstarter, this is the end !!

Firstly, a huge thank to those who supported us during our campaign. A page is turned into the short story of shapeheart but the end of this beautiful adventure corresponding to the beginning of a brand new stage for the team.

And then what?

If you use to follow us on social media, you must have seen a lot of references to our kickstarter campaign, and today it  is officially the end!
Very proud to raised  60 804 Euros and to have gathered more than 660 people around our project, we do not hidding our pleasure at the idea taking a little rest during few days, in order to rest a bit after this intense period.
But as tony would say!

No, seriously ?

To be honest, the way to go is still very long and other challenges are coming!
First, the lauch of the un-connected version already available for a few days in store. This first marketable version corresponding to the culmination of a long series of tests, prototypes and beta versions.
To take measure of what we’ve been througt, here is the evolution of the armband from the very first version to the actual version !
And yes, we’ve come a long way!!
Now we’ve got the ambission to challenge the main sport’s watch brand for the connected version (Polar, Garmin). For the un-connected version our competitors are as famous as Nike, Adidas or flipbelt, only that …
Basketball fans may see us as the “Rookie of the year” potential.
At the dawn of our establishment on the running market, the indicators flashing green.
  • Kickstarter goal overpassed (196 %)
  • A product that brings two real patented innovations
  • Renowned Partners (Hardware Club, French Tech…)
  • A product distributed by major retailler (Fnac, Boulanger, Le Pape…)
  • A product praised by the media (Tech Crunch, tux board, bfm business, O1. Net etc….)
All this without forgetting a team, ready and determined to figure prominently among the main running accessories brand.

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