End of the preparation for the Shapehart Team

The Marathon preparation from Inside

10 days before the Paris marathon our preparation  is in full swing… or nearly.

Discover the untold story of an intense preparation !! For those who follow us, especially on Instagram you didn’t miss the fact that we’re very, very often refer to the Paris marathon, and for good reasons, two Members of the team are engaged on this race (Michael & Antoine).

As the protagonist of most of the Instagram posts, the reference to the Paris marathon should strike a significant chord with those who will rise to the challenge of the 42 k and most particularly internally. Yet in the light of the intensity of the preparation  of my dear bosses i ‘m wondering about the effectiveness of my approach, perhaps too subtle…

To prepare for a marathon there are two school of thought 😉

For most of the professionals of Running, in accordance with established practice during a marathon preparation we should run  3 or even 4 times a week, these run should be the topic of a real planification in order to diversify the training (Fractionated, long run, fitness Wod). The adage of shapeheart appears to be quite different and could be summarized as follows : who wants to ride far spares his horse! Indeed, it seems that since the half marathon of Paris, on 5 March, our two future marathon runner took a kind of  running break 😉

Michael, the hidden strength.

Backed by the succes of his last half-marathon  run in 1H51 (which is relatively a good time for a first 21K without any preparation), Michael decided to structure his preparation around buffets and petits fours in any kind. A post shared by Michael on 8 March prove it !

Aware that food is in the same way as hydration and sleep one of the three factors of success, off-training, Michael has chosen to put all the chances on his side by focusing everything on the food.

If we focus on his training, a 22 km run long on March, some football & basketball game and a little bit of boxing complete a preparation full of pain 😉

Anyway, Michael remains confident, and betting on a  foolproof mental! If I had a last advise to give to him, 10 days before the marathon, I will draw my inspiration from the great Aimé Jacquet (The only french coach to won a world cup), and my advice would be this one ” Beef up your game Michael, if you don’t beef up your game you will be heading for serious trouble ”

To resume :

  • Strength: His fighting Spirit
  • Estimated time: Skip the line will already be a good thing…

Antoine, the eternal optimist.

More accustomed to long run and already initiated to half-marathon including Seville at the end of January, our engineer is going to run his first marathon. Like teddy rinner, which bearing the hopes to win medals of the French delegation during the Olympic Games, Antoine is bearing (almost alone) the hopes of the team with a goal more affirmed, run below 3H50.


Backed by a long run with adidas runners Sentier, and two other long run including a 24 km Antoine seems (just unlike his associate), pretty confident.

Very quiet in the media he did an exclusive interview with myself! You will find an extract of his interview just here :

Stan : How do you broach the 42 km of the Paris marathon ?

Antoine: “The human body is a formidable machine, if you run 25 km you can basically run 42 km, the most important thing is to manage your effort, to feed and hydrate in accordance to the distance ”

Stan: And, regarding to your  intensive training  ? I guess you  scheduled a lot of specific running sessions before this race?

Antoine : ” Ah (strained smile), you know, the human body is a formidable machine, if you run 25 km you can basically run 42 km, the most important thing is to manage your effort, to feed and hydrate in accordance to the distance “”

Pretty nice nice words which reflect a boundless confidence 😉

To resume :

  • Strenght : A real enthusiasm
  • Estimated time: 3 h50

For those who have had a preparation like our two runners, you will have to be strong in your head and never back down. There are two key principles to be mentally ready for the D-Day.

Do not anticipate the pain

You musn’t  project towards a pain that does not yet exist, you must take the km one after one. Go ahead step by step!

Set a goal

Choose a goal that makes sense to  you, in order to give you strength when you’re having a bad times. No matter the nature of the goal, as long as it pushes you to go throught the pain. For us, the goal is simple, cross the finish line and will already be  a real achievement 😉

Stan from shapeheart.

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