Back to the futur

Our Kickstarter campaign is ending in 10 days, time for us to put things into perspective and to have a look back on what we achieved during the 34 campaign days !

The Sprint …..

Kiskstarter’s Journey begin on the 16 of May.

For the launch, everybody is gathered here in Paris, friends, family, investors, ambassadors to take part in the Shapeheart adventure.

Each “super early bird” enable us to engage virtuous circle. In order to set the context, the fact of reaching quickly the starting objective, act as an incentive for the media, blogs and social media to talk about our project and thats’ starting directly with the people who are closest to us (friends, fans, community-fellows).

Media plays a huge importance in a Kickstarter campaign. It’s very difficult to reach an objective without it, that’s why we bearly called all our close relation more than 10 times each, to encourage them to support us on the first day.

A message to their attention : Please do not blame us to be such insistent, even a bit heavy sometimes, it was for a good reason ! Without such a beginning, not sure that influent media like Tech Crunch or Tux board talked about us this way.

Mostly on Kickstarter, a project reached 20% of  his objective thanks to his close relation. On our case, we reached more than 50% !! So a huge change to our early adopters who enabled us to be covered by influent media.

Endurance test …

After reached the 35K in 5 days we’ve decided to go on a new challenge, a road show in order to meet the backers who supported us all around France and to make discover our armband.

Even with 15KM daily, we keep working on our new objective, reach 70K on Kickstarter.

Meeting with the press, meeting with the retailers, community management took us most of our  times during the road Show.

Back since almost 10 days, the actuality of Shapeheart is more burning than never. We just received the un connected version wich will be available in store at the end of the week, and we just knew than we were selected for the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances in Berlin.

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