How to pair your heart rate sensor with Endomondo, Android ?

Mobile phone :Samsung Galaxy A3

Operating system :Android 6.0 et +

Application : Endomondo

Issue : Pair your heart rate monitor with your Bluetooth Low Energy (ou Bluetooth Smart) for Endomondo with Android

Do you want to pair your heart rate sensor ?

First, start by turn off your bluetooth and turn on the Sheapeheart heart rate sensor.

Then, open your Endomondo application.

On the top left corner, click on the menu.

In “Settings”, follow the instructions below to pair your Shapeheart heart rate sensor.

Choose the “Accessory Settings” section.

And more specifically bluetooth smart sensors.

Then, turn on your bluetooth.

Allow the connexion with Bluetooth Smart sensors.

The Shapeheart heart rate monitor appears.

On the main menu the heart rate is displayed , made a long press on the data (distance or other) to change in order to display it.

The Shapeheart sensor flashes blue on one side and flash on green + orange on the other.

Find also to pair the heart sensor with NikeRunkeeperStrava and Runtastic apps.



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