How to connect your heart rate sensor with Strava, iPhone, iOs11 ?

Mobile phone : iPhone

Operating system : iOs 11

Application : Strava

Issue : Connect your heart rate monitor with your Bluetooth Low Energy (ou Bluetooth Smart) with Strava 

Connect your monitor using the bluetooth settings of your iPhone.

Start by activating your bluetooth to allow the heart rate monitor to be detected by the Iphone.

Select the Shapeheart heart rate monitor on the devices section.

The Shapeheart sensor should turn blue on one side and green on the other.

Then, turn the bluetooth off, it should turn pink on one side and green on the other.

And then open your Strava app, and select “record” on the bottom.

On the top left corner, click on “Settings”

Choose the “External Sensors” section.

Then, on the devices settings, turn on the “Bluetooth sensors”

Now, you can see your hearth rate on the manage sensors section.

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