Kickstarter, this is the end !!

Firstly, a huge thank to those who supported us during our campaign. A page is turned into the short story of shapeheart but the end of this beautiful adventure corresponding to the beginning of a brand new stage for the team.   […]

Back to the futur

Our Kickstarter campaign is ending in 10 days, time for us to put things into perspective and to have a look back on what we achieved during the 34 campaign days ! The Sprint ….. Kiskstarter’s Journey begin on the 16 […]

Road Show Diary, Part 3 !!

It is the third and last part of our Road Show which we reveal you here… Stopover in Marseille, Toulon & Lyon!! Stage 6//Marseille In order to set the context before our stay in Marseilles we just would like to say that we’ve already did 7 runs, […]

Road Show Diary, Part 2 !!

After Lille & Saint-Malo our adventure continues in Bordeaux. Stage 4 // Bordeaux Round 1: Run with Marion Wake up Monday 8 PM, the weekend was fairly hard with an outing in Saint-Malo and a wedding for my part, however, […]

Road Show Diary, Part 1 !!

After already almost a week of Road Show it’s time to make the first report of our journey. Stage 1 // Lille All begun the 24 in the morning, Michael, Charles Henri aka nick_runrun (our very special correspondent) and me left Paris for Lille. […]

Why measure heart rate on exercise?

Starting running or being an iron man with sharp muscles, the use of heart rate in training is paramount. Reminder: the MHR kesako? The Maximum Heart Rate, or MHR for the intimate, is equivalent to the maximum number of heart […]

The Kickstarter Adventure Begins Now

Last tuesday was held in Paris our great kickstarter launch party. The whole team was gathered there (Julien excepted the globe-runner, who’s running the campaign from the US) in order to cheer – drown ? – that with all those who […]

Kipchoge x Nike x Marathon record

On May 6, Eliud Kipchoge broke all records by finishing a marathon in 2h00’25 ”.   Attaboy ! Difficult not to appreciate the performance. But if we can think that all is said in the chrono, some remain measured toward the […]

I ran with Boost Batignolles crew in Paris

So here it was Thursday night, it was raining heavily and I was invited to join for the first time Adidas Runners Boost Batignolles. But not for a quiet little run in Paris, no way too easy. For the, wait […]

5 motivational running tips

A thing that longtime runners know and beginners confront : the running is a repetitive sport. No debate. The movement is always the same: alternative, regular. Ground support time, suspension phase. Again and again. You have to engage your legs, […]